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August 15, 2018

Slaughter Report Last updated August 15, 2018

Feeder Report Last updated August 15, 2018

Alberta Cattle Industry Market Report

Alberta direct cattle sale Tuesday saw no new trade to report but there is a chance scattered trade could develop by this afternoon. Technical price levels have improved since Monday. There have been rumblings packers are making inquiries trying to buy cattle early. Even though US cash prices are looking lower there is a chance prices here locally could hold steady to maybe higher.  

Yesterday Live Rail
Steers --- ---
Heifers --- ---

In the cow and bull trade in Central Alberta on Tuesday.

D1, D2 Cows D3 Cows Bulls
85.00-95.00 75.00-84.00 105.00-125.00

US Trade

In the US, 5,000 head of cattle traded in Nebraska with live sales marked at 109.50. Sales are 2.75 lower than last week's weighted average price. Light trade was reported in Iowa with dressed sales marked at 173.00. Sales are steady to 1.00 lower than prices seen on Monday and 1.00-5.0 lower than last week. Today there are 488 head of cattle listed on the Fed Cattle Exchange.

Yesterday Live Rail
Choice Steers 109.50 173.00
Choice Heifers 109.50 173.00

National slaughter cows averaged:

Boner Cows Rail Avg
Over 500 lbs 114.83

Canadian Dollar

The nearby Canadian dollar at 8:30 this morning was trading at 76.10, down 0.37

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

On the Chicago Mercantile, in mid session trade,  live cattle futures are as follows:

August October December
109.00, +1.02 109.85, +1.12 113.45, +1.02

Replacement Trade

Information provided on this report is supplied by various auction markets throughout Alberta. In reference to the following prices, producers are reminded to check with individual markets on current prices and trends. Prices quoted include top quality cattle only.

Feeder and stocker prices in Central Alberta on Tuesday

  Steers Heifers
900+ 192.00-197.00 164.00-182.00
800-900 200.00-207.00 174.00-185.00
700-800 209.00-217.00 182.00-199.00
600-700 211.00-222.00 184.00-195.00
500-600 224.00-247.00 192.00-208.00
400-500 234.00-258.00 200.00-225.00
300-400 236.00-253.00 222.00-239.00
Bred Cows Bred Heifers Cow/Calf Pairs
n/a n/a n/a

All information sourced from Statistics Canada, Alberta Agriculture and Canfax.

Canfax Weekly Article

Report for the week of August 13, 2018

Alberta direct cattle trade was moderate last week with live prices $4/cwt lower than the previous week and dressed sales mostly $237.00-237.50/cwt delivered, $7-8/cwt lower. Weighted average prices were $3.50/cwt lower than the previous week, but modestly higher than the same week last year. The average fed steer price this week was the second lowest seen so far this year and heifers were tied for the third lowest. Western Canadian fed slaughter for the week ending August 4th totaled 40,539 head and YTD was 7% larger totaling 1,130,814 head. Western Canadian steer carcass weights were 6 lbs larger than the previous week and modestly 3 lbs heavier than the same week last year at 872 lbs.

Strengthening barley prices, lower fed cattle bids and weakness on the futures market took some shine off the feeder market last week. That said, Canadian feedlot demand remains strong, reflected in historically stronger feeder basis levels. Feeder heifers over 800 lbs seemed to be a slightly tougher sell compared to the same weight steers. There have been a few 500 lb steer calves priced in the low $230’s/cwt for fall delivery. One could argue this seems like a rather strong pricing opportunity for the fall market.

Non-fed volumes through commercial auction facilities have been very light over the past couple of weeks but cow slaughter volumes continue to trend above year ago levels. For the week ending August 4th, cows accounted for 12.5% of the total slaughter compared to 11.8% last year. There are a few factors that are keeping cow slaughter volumes elevated. Dry conditions have forced some pairs to be split earlier than normal and cows were put on feed to target the August market. Alberta cows are trading at a $17/cwt premium to the US which has reduced exports. This week butcher cows and bulls traded $3/cwt lower.  


  • Packer margins continue profitable
  • Fed carcass weights are manageable
  • Export demand remains strong


  • New crop feed grain prices are building
  • Packers have comfortable grid inventory
  • Ample fed supplies are anticipated through the third quarter

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