Checkoff Refunds

ABP Service Charge Refund Request Instructions:

Producers eligible for a refund:

The service charge is payable by producers who sell cattle and by producers to feed and slaughter their own cattle. Any service charge paid by or on behalf of a producer is refundable to that producer on request of that producer. A producer may request a refund of all or a portion of the service charge paid.

The refund is only available to Alberta residents selling or feeding and slaughtering cattle in Alberta. When non-Alberta residents sell cattle in Alberta the purchaser or livestock dealer is deducting and remitting the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off (national check-off) and not the ABP Service Charge. The national check-off is collected by ABP on behalf of the Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency (the Agency) and is paid to the Agency for national beef cattle research, marketing and promotion. The Agency pays a portion of the national check-off to the provincial cattle association in the province where the seller resides. When an Alberta resident sells cattle in another province, the provincial cattle association in that province is, in turn, collecting the national check-off from the Alberta producer. The national check-off is non-refundable.

Information needed to process the refund:

  • A request for a refund of a service charge must contain
  • the producer’s name, mailing address and telephone number,
  • the number of cattle in respect of which the service charge is requested to be refunded,
  • the amount of the service charge that is requested to be refunded,
  • the date of the transactions for which the service charge is requested to be refunded,
  • if applicable, the name of the purchaser or dealer who deducted the service charge, and
  • any other information required by ABP.

The request for a refund must be accompanied with such documents as may be required by ABP to prove to the satisfaction of ABP that the service charge was paid to the Commission by the producer, or deducted from the sale proceeds by a purchaser or dealer and not passed on to another producer for payment.

ABP will accept photocopies of invoices and settlement statements showing the deduction of the service charge from the sale proceeds by a purchaser or a livestock dealer. If the producer remitted the service himself, a copy of the cancelled cheque paying the service charge to ABP is required.

A request for a refund must be submitted:

  • During the month of July each year in respect of a service charge paid from January to June of that year; and
  • During the month of January in a year in respect of a service charge paid during the months of July to December of the previous year.

A producer is not entitled to a refund if the request for a refund of the service charge is not submitted to ABP in the months of July and January, as the case may be, unless ABP decides to accept the request on being satisfied that extenuating circumstances warrant doing so.

Timing of the payment of the refund:

  • Refund requests submitted in July will be paid by October 31 of the year in which the request is submitted; and
  • Refund requests submitted in January will be paid by April 1 of the year in which the request was submitted.

Submit to the ABP office Attention ABP Controller:

  • by Canada Post or courier - 165, 6815 8 Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 7H7
  • by fax (403) 451-1188 or (403) 274-0007; or
  • by e-mail to

Value of the service charge to Alberta producers:

The check-off dollars collected from producers on the sale of cattle in Alberta is used, on behalf of producers, to further to objects of the ABP Plan Regulation. The overarching role of Alberta Beef Producers, as a marketing commission, is to initiate and carry out projects or programs to commence, stimulate, increase or improve the production and marketing of cattle and cattle products.

To carry out this objective and leverage our check-off dollars, Alberta Beef Producers has entered into an agreement with the Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency (the National Agency) to support national research, marketing and promotion. The National Agency was established to collect a levy on cattle sold in interprovincial trade and will eventually collect a levy on imported cattle and cattle products.

ABP collects a $2.50 non-refundable national check-off and a $2 Alberta service charge.

The $2.50 non-refundable national check-off is forwarded to the Agency and is allocated as follows: TBD.

The Beef Cattle Research Council's mandate is to determine research and development priorities for the Canadian beef cattle industry. As the national beef cattle industry research agency, the BCRC plays an important role in identifying the industry’s research and development priorities and subsequently influencing public sector investment in beef, cattle and forage research.

Canada Beef's mission is to enhance and sustain the profitability of Canadian beef producers through excellence in product promotion, positioning, and the facilitation of domestic and international marketing initiatives. Canada Beef works with industry and governments to develop new and to expand existing markets.

The goals of the Issues Management program are to increase public confidence, and enhance the credibility, reputation, and trust in the Canadian beef industry. The program works to develop stronger relationships and connectivity among industry partners and organizations to manage issues more efficiently and effectively.

The $2 Alberta service charge is retained by ABP. ABP business is conducted under the direction of the ABP Board of Directors, Councils, Committees, and working groups depending upon specific needs and/or issues of the day. Expenses relate to ABP’s mandate including policy, communications, marketing and education, research, production, stewardship, animal health and welfare. Within these areas ABP continues to work for market access, to provide leadership on research initiatives and environmental policy, promote the Alberta beef industry image, with the overall goal of ensuring the competitiveness and long-term sustainability of our industry for the benefit of the beef producers in Alberta.

ABP Service Charge Refund Request Form
Refund Submissions Template XLS