Research & Development

ABP Research Mission Statement

The primary goal of the ABP Research Committee is to encourage practical, applied research which enhances the competitiveness of Alberta beef producers. The objectives of the committee include:

  • Fund research projects which have the greatest potential to economically benefit Alberta producers
  • Encourage continued funding of research by other organizations
  • Enhance the technology transfer, extension education and communication of research relevant to ABP
  • Leverage ABP resources to maximize return on research investment
  • Remain accountable to the ABP board, delegates and organization, including subcommittees
  • Approach research priorities proactively
  • Encourage two way communication with membership

National Research Strategy

National research information can be found on the Beef Cattle Research Council website at

ABP was involved in the creation of and fully supports the National Beef Research Strategy, which can be found here: National Strategy.

ABP Research in Progress

Click on the project titles below to see a summary of research projects that ABP is currently funding. Summaries of completed projects will be added as they become available.

Economic & Trade Studies

Animal Health and Welfare

Forage, Feed Grains & Pasture Management

Beef Quality

Genetics and Breeding

Food Safety

Western Canadian Cow Calf Survey

Animal Health, Research, & Technical Issues

It is increasingly challenging for producers to obtain up-to-date information on a number of issues relating to the health of their animals and technical issues they face during day to day operations. This section includes information on current animal health and technical policies, practices and issues facing the industry, as well as on-going research projects. Producer questions can be directed to Karin Schmid, ABP Beef Production Specialist, at or (403) 275-4400.

Past Beef Research

The ABP is committed to supporting research that will improve the economic and environmental sustainability of the Alberta cattle industry. The ABP supports research projects directly, collaborated with industry partners, and oversaw the operation of the Canada Alberta Beef Industry Development Fund (CABIDF).

CABIDF was a $16.4 million federal/provincial fund dedicated to supporting research to address issues directly affecting the beef industry in Alberta. Funding was allocated to projects that fall under six priority categories; forage/cow calf, animal health, intellectual resources, feedlot, manure sustainability and beef marketability.

Livestock Disposal

Handling Deadstock

Pros and cons of five different livestock disposal methods, along with directions on how to properly compost deadstock can be found at

Livestock Biosecurity

Foreign Animal Disease (FAD) can have a devastating effect on the health and welfare of livestock and on the economic viability of livestock operations. The Canadian Cattlemen's Association Biosecurity Standard and Implementation Manual can be found here: